Dia de Muertos Tarot Three of Swords Art Print


Art print from my Dia de Muertos Tarot Deck.

The Dia de Muertos Tarot Three of Swords art print / card represents betrayal, heartbreak, loneliness, & grief.

Available as a 5×7 or 8×10 print.


This Dia de Muertos Tarot Three of Swords art print represents betrayal, heartbreak, loneliness, & grief.

I am currently working on a Dia de Muertos themed tarot deck. The Three of Swords card means heartbreak, sorrow, and grief. In my illustration, the figure is reaching up and will pull the sword from her own back meaning the pain is only temporary and they have the strength to overcome it.

I’ve illustrated the Three of Swords as a lone woman doubled over in pain after being stabbed in the back… Literally. That is a universal idea of betrayal. Love lies bleeding (amaranth) & columbine flowers adorn the swords and represent hopelessness & deceit. I’ve illustrated red dahlias as another symbol of betrayal.

With the dark clouds and her pained expression, the Three of Swords is very sad overall. But, I’ve also chosen to illustrate the figure reaching up to grab the swords. Yes, the message in this card is grief and heartache. But now that she recognizes the pain, she has the choice to rip those swords out, heal, & move forward.

Dia de Muertos Tarot Three of Sword Frame Choices


This Dia de Muertos Tarot Three of Swords art print is available as a 5″x7″ or 8″x10″ print, with or without a decorative frame. Be sure to pick which one you’d like.

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I created the original illustration with Copic markers and India ink on Bristol board. I used white ink for the details at the end.

Each illustration is printed on acid free stock with archival ink at the highest quality, WITHOUT watermarks. I sign all prints before shipping out. Prints are cut to size by hand and packaged with love.

I ship prints flat via USPS and will provide a tracking number. If there is an overage in shipping charges, I will immediately issue a refund via PayPal.

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((Colors vary from screen to screen and your print/sticker may look slightly different in person))

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