Dia de Muertos Tarot Hermit Glitter Sticker


Glitter sticker from my Dia de Muertos Tarot Deck.

The Hermit tarot card represents introspection and solitude.

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The Hermit tarot card represents introspection and solitude. Let the hermit illuminate your path and guide you on your journey with this Dia de Muertos Tarot Hermit glitter sticker.

I am currently working on a Dia de Muertos themed tarot deck. The Hermit major arcana tarot card means it’s time for introspection and solitude. This is a time of self-healing. The Hermit’s lantern will light your path. In my interpretation, the Hermit is in a cave made of amethyst, which is a healing stone that balances the crown chakra.

This Dia de Muertos Tarot Hermit glitter sticker is 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide. The sticker is waterproof and is UV protected.

Here is a video of the glitter effect:

This sticker is also available as an art print here: https://www.rosehillenart.com/product/dia-de-muertos-tarot-hermit-art-print/

I created the original illustration with Copic markers and India ink on Bristol board. I used white ink for the details at the end.

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((Colors vary from screen to screen and your print/sticker may look slightly different in person))


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