Faber-Castell White Pitt Pen Review

Posted by Rose Hillen

I am on a continuing quest for the perfect white pen. Sadly, the Faber-Castell white ink pen underperformed.

I LOVE most things Faber-Castell makes, especially their Pitt pen line. So, I was super excited when they announced they were releasing new white pens.

Well. Not exactly “new.” They already had a big white pen that has a bullet nib. I’ve used it. I didn’t love it. And I was STILL excited when they announced the new pens with smaller tips, including a brush tip.

The pen I picked up was a calligraphy or chisel tip. They were out of all the other sizes at the art store I was at and I thought a chisel tip would be fine. It has a broad angle and a fine tip in the corner. Versatile! That worked great. However. This pen is not opaque. So it isn’t great for correcting work or bright white highlights.

The pen might be good for subtle white washes. I work primarily with Copic markers and can see this pen being used to knock back the intensity of some bright colors.

However, I wanted it for bright whites. Or writing on dark paper.

This is not great for that.

Check out my review on YouTube here:

Let me know if you have any recommendations for white pens.

Thanks for reading!

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