August Tarotscope

Posted by Rose Hillen

It is a new moon and a new month. An excellent time for cleansing and new beginnings. Here are the tarotscopes for the month of August.

Leo- Earthworm- Are you starting something new this month? School? A new job? You’ve been thinking about it and feel a little nervous or anxious, which might be unusual for you. Remember that everyone has feelings of insecurity when starting something new. If you feel the need to speak up, do it. Your bravery will be your best asset in this situation.

Virgo- Golden Egg- The Golden Egg is a spirit card telling you your heart has a message for you. If you want to hear it, this month you need to slow down and find time to rest. Self-care is essential. If you’ve been thinking about starting a meditation practice or gratitude journal, now is the time to do it. Once you slow down and ease into the quiet, the message will ring clear.

Libra- Unicorn- The Unicorn card is associated with the third eye / sixth chakra. You’ve been thinking about your spirituality and wondering what to believe in. You’ve been questioning your intuition and wondering where exactly does it come from. What is real? What works for you? It’s time to take that curiosity and explore your spiritual side. Be open to any messages your spirit has for you.

Scorpio- Butterfly- You’re going through a period of change or transformation. And this change is close to your heart. You might be feeling a little fragile or vulnerable. This is a good change for you but still difficult. Let your friends support you. Be kind and gentle with yourself. If you’re struggling, find something easy to work into your daily routine. Something like journaling or another self-care practice. You will fly soon.

Sagittarius- Crow- The Crow has long been a symbol of magic. Different cultures have associated crows (and ravens) with life, death, and as messengers of gods. You are feeling rather fearless. The Crow’s energy is pulling you toward something that feels magical. Keep your mind clear and don’t be pulled into someone else’s idea of reality. You can be brave but listen to your instincts if they tell you to walk away.

Capricorn- Eagle- Brace yourself. The Eagle is master of Wind and Flame and you are about to be thrown into the fire. But, you’ve got this. Whatever situation you’re being thrown into, grab hold and soar high with the winds. Enjoy the crazy ride. It’s going to change you. You are so much stronger than you think.

Aquarius- Frog- The Frog is born in water and spends the beginning of its life in the calming, healing water before setting foot on land. But it will still feel drawn to the calming water. Right now, you’re feeling overworked and undernourished. Frogs were never meant to carry heavy burdens and neither are you. Rest. Cleanse. Forgive. Take care of yourself. You are important.

Pisces- Cosmic Egg- You have been on a journey for quite some time. This month, you will feel as if you have reached an end of sorts. This will come with a feeling of calm and contentment. Your work has paid off. Take time and enjoy some rest before writing your new chapter.

Aries- Starfish- You’ve fallen under the spell of something that looks great at first but are starting to realize that maybe you need something more meaningful. You’ve put other people’s needs before yours long enough and it is time to focus on you. Seek support from your positive friends. They will brighten your day when you need it.

Taurus- Lamb- Someone has a message for you. An old friend or a surprising stranger will have something to say and it will resonate deep within you. It is a message you needed to hear and you know is the truth. And it will be a message that will repeat itself until you really listen to it. Be gentle like a lamb and trust the truth of this message.

Gemini- Hawk- The sharp-eyed Hawk is lending you its ability to see the tiny details in life so you can also see the whole picture. Winds of change are coming with the Hawk and they are bringing you news that will change your course. It may seem like a small change but it will have a significant impact later.

Cancer- Owl- Owls are mysterious and seem otherworldly. This owl is bringing with it a small gift. This gift is could be material or spiritual but either way, it represents good fortune. Because owls also represent wisdom, you will also see how this gift could lead to abundance in your life.

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you have a great August. It’s my birthday month so I know I will ?

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((Deck: The Wild Unknown- Animal Spirit Deck))

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