July 2019 Tarotscope

Posted by Rose Hillen

Wanted to try something for the next month. Pulled a card for each zodiac sign and did a tarotscope for July. Hoping your card resonates with you.

The deck I used is the Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit Oracle by Kim Krans. Here are your readings:

Cancer- Nightingale: Nightingales seem to almost disappear among other brightly colored birds… But then they start to sing. They sing and everyone takes notice. You have something you need to say, a song you need to sing, or a poem that you need to write. You are yearning to build a bridge between your heart and voice. There is some message you have been dying to convey. Be fearless and say it.

Leo- Bat: A bat must wait for night to descend to start it’s day anew. A chapter in your life is coming to an end and you’re standing at the edge, looking at your new beginnings. You might be having a little trouble letting go. Don’t be afraid. The bat flies in swiftly and is encouraging you to take those steps and begin to move on. Let go and fly.

Virgo- Mouse: Lately, you’ve been scurrying about, working on projects and trying to get things done. The mouse has this desire to look at all the tiny details and nit-pick. Now is the time to step back a little and make sure you’re not wasting your time and energy. Make sure that if you feel busy, you’re working on things that are meaningful FOR YOU.

Libra- Deer: Whatever your gender, the deer represents feminine earth energy. This month is a time for nurture and nature. Take some time to nurture yourself. Maybe you’ve been caring for others. Maybe your energy has been focused on other “important” tasks. This month, make time for self-care. Visit the beach. Go on a hike. Have a picnic. Reconnect with nature. You are important.

Scorpio- Crocodile: Right now is the time to gather your thoughts and step back from the situation a little. You need to do a bit self reflection before moving forward. Make sure you’ve explored your options before making your move. It’s not the time for big decisions or discussions. It’s time to wait and gather your energy for the right moment. Your patience will pay off.

Sagittarius- Fox: Charming and clever foxes are not pack animals but do form small, close knit family groups. Important relationships need to be nourished. This is a great month to use the fox energy and reconnect with the people in your life that you love. Check in on your closest friends. Have you been a bit busy and haven’t talked to them in a while? Now is a great time to fix that.

Capricorn- Tiger: There is a wild energy from the tiger that is both quiet and decadent. Your evenings this month will have a powerful, soothing effect on you. Your soul is going to experience some deep healing. Maybe some past trauma will begin to ease away or you are finally getting some well needed rest. This is also a time to reconnect with things you are truly passionate about.

Aquarius- Firefly: “The Firefly contains the light of a thousand stars.” This month, the spark of creativity or inspiration will ignite and you will be hit with a burst of illuminating energy. This is the kind of creative energy where if you don’t use it when you feel it, the light will fade away. If you feel like you aren’t a creative person, this energy could present itself as a mini epiphany on a problem you’ve been trying to sort out.

Pisces- Elk: While the deer is “feminine” earth energy, the elk represents the masculine. Something this month is going to challenge your core beliefs but the elk’s energy will support you and stabilize any uncertainty that may arise. People respect and admire you because of your values. When you start to lose faith, remember they also support you.

Aries- Peacock: Peacocks are a symbol of beauty. Many think it’s because of their vibrant feathers but this card’s energy is saying it comes from a confidence that brings self acceptance and self love. This month, you will start to let go of resentments and past pain. In doing so, you’re self love and acceptance will blossom. Your soul wants you to know that you are beautiful and worthy.

Taurus- Moth: Just like a moth, you are being drawn toward something “shiny and new.” And it’s something that you think can give you an easy solution. Whatever that “something” is can be a temporary fancy that can lead to disappointment or even heartbreak. Let the winds of life lift your wings on this journey and remember that shortcuts might end up putting you on a detour that takes twice as long.

Gemini- Black Egg: The Black Egg is a spirit card from this deck. Inside of this egg lives “the truth.” Lately, you’ve been held back by something that isn’t allowing you to be you. Now you are being drawn to start living your own truth. This begins by checking in with yourself and finding out what your soul needs. And giving your soul what it asks for. Do a little self care and nurture yourself. Start trusting your soul more. Once you do that, your voice and actions will follow suit.

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