I Love My Job

Posted by Rose Hillen

A few days ago was my 1 year work anniversary. I work at a bookstore in Portland and I love it.

Before running my jewelry business full-time, I had a few retail jobs. My longest and favorite job was at Borders Books. I’m still friends with a lot of people I worked with then. And I found myself missing it so much.

When I decided to end my jewelry business (because I was so unhappy) and try art, I also decided to go back to work full-time while I figured things out. And I feel so lucky to have gotten a job doing something I love.

And I’ve made some great friends. I work with a lot of talented writers and artists who inspire me everyday.

At some point during the year, I decided to try another webcomic. Mostly based off of being a working mom but with a lot of the funny shit that happens at work… Like…

I’m uploading the first comic this coming week.

I seriously hope it’s funny… Or at least relatable. :p

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